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Language Integrated Query (LINQ) 5 Hrs

  • Introduction to LINQ
    • What is LINQ
    • Need of LINQ
    • How LINQ Works
    • Using Linq via Method based and Query based syntax
  • Standard Linq Operators
    • Sorting Data
    • Filtering Data
    • Joining Data
    • Partitioning Data
  • Linq Provider
    • LINQ to Object
    • LINQ to XML
    • LINQ to SQL
  • Understanding Lazy Loading and Eager Loading
  • Difference B/w Lazy and Eager Loading
  • Using Stored Procedure in LINQ
  • Working with Single table Inheritance
  • Using of SQLMetal

Entity Framework 5 Hrs

  • Overview of the Entity Framework
  • Difference b/w Linq to Sql and Entity Framework
  • Using Schema First Approach
  • Using Model First Aproach
  • Using Code First Aproach
  • Using Stored Procedure in Code First Approach
  • Using Sql Profiler with Stored Procedure
  • Creating/Managing one to many and many to one relations
  • Using Table, Column and Key attributes
  • Associations & Foreign Keys

Software Engineering Models and Concept: 3 Hrs

  • What is Software Development Life Cycle?
  • Phases of a SDLC
  • Project initiation and planning
  • Feasibility study
  • System design
  • Coding
  • Testing
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance

Business Requirement Specification (Project Based) 5 Hrs

  • Objective of Project
  • DFD
  • UML Diagram
  • Class Diagram
  • ER Diagram

System Requirement Database Structure (Project Based) 6 Hrs

  • Database Table Structure
  • Database Design
  • DDL
  • DML
  • Stored Procedure
  • Database Security

WindowsCommunicationFoundation (WCF) 10 Hrs

  • IntroductionToWCF
  • What is Distributed Application
  • What is WCF
  • Evaluation of WCF
  • Understanding WCF Architecture
  • WCF comparison with WebServices
  • WCF comparison with Remoting
  • Benefits of WCF Service
  • Understanding WCF Templates
    • WCF Service Library
    • WCF Service Application
    • WCF Workflow Service Application

Endpoints in WCF

  • What is EndPoint in WCF
  • End points seetings in app. Config & web.config file
  • ServiceMetaData HTTP_Get enabled
  • IMetaDataExchange Contract/Endpoint for Http and Tcp
  • What is Address-Binding-Contract (ABC)
  • Address
    • What is Address
    • Understanding improtance of address
    • Difference between HTTP & HTTPS address
    • Use of TCP and MSMQ address
    • What is Named Pipe address
    • Understanding IIS address
  • Binding
    • Understanding WCF Bindings
    • Types of bindings
    • Basic Binding
    • Web Binding
    • WS Binding
    • WS Dual Binding
    • TCP Binding
    • IPC Binding
    • MSMQ Binding
  • Contract
    • What is the of contract
    • Types of Contract
    • Service Contract
    • Operation Contract
    • Data Contract
    • Fault Contract
    • Message Contract

    Developing WCF Service Application

    • Hosting WCF Service in llS/ASP.NET Development Server
    • Hosting WCF Service in Managed Application(Self Hosting)
    • Hosting WCF Service in Window Service
    • WCF service durable service
    • Use of WCF service Request-Replay
    • Use of WCF service One-Way
    • Use of WCF Callback service

    Understand WCF Service instancing behavior

    • Single(Singleton)
    • PerCall
    • PerSession

    Understand Concurrency in WCF Service

    • Single
    • Multiple
    • Reentrant

    Restful WCF Service

    • Understand Restful service in WCF
    • Use of Restful service
    • How to make Restful service in WCF
    • Use of XML/JSON in Restful service

    Implementing Security in WCF Service

    • Understanding security terms
    • Authentication
    • Authorization
    • Confidentiality
    • Integrity


    • Message security
    • Transport security
    • TransportWithMessage security

    ASP.NET MVC 20 Hrs

    • Introduction to ASP.NET MVC
    • Brief history of ASP.NET MVC
    • Understanding ASP.NET MVC Design Pattern
    • Setup & Installation process
    • Compare ASP.Net Web Forms with ASP.NET MVC
    • Life cycle of ASP.NET MVC
    • Key Benefits of ASP.NET MVC
    • Understanding ASP.NET MVC project templates

    View Engine

    • What is View Engine
    • Role of View Engine
    • Types of View Engine
    • Compare ASP View & Razor View Engine
    • Understanding Razor syntax
    • Accessing model data in Razor views
    • Working with Razor Layouts
    • Understanding Razor Expressions


    • What is MVC
    • Understanding scaffolding template
    • Scaffolding template with Entity Framework
    • Defining a data model
    • Understanding Model Binding
    • Working with explicit model binding
    • Responding to the edit post request


    • Purpose of Views
    • Understanding View Conventions
    • Types of View
    • Understanding ViewBag, TempData,ViewData and ViewDataDictionary
    • Creating strongly-typed views
    • Adding a View
    • Using Razor syntax in View
    • Code Block in View
    • Working with Partial View
    • Introduction of Layout/Master page
    • Working with Layout

    Controllers and Actions

    • What is the Controller
    • Use of Controller
    • What is Action and Action Results
    • Action Filters
    • Authorize Filters
    • Result Filters
    • Built In Filters
    • Processing Input and Output Action

    Membership, Authorization And Security

    • Session and application state
    • Using the Authorize Attribute to Login
    • Securing Controller Action
    • Authorize Attribute with Forms Authentication
    • Windows Authentication
    • Using Role wise Login
    • Managing users and roles
    • Configuring OAuth And OpenID Providers
    • Login via OAuth and OpenID
    • Security Implications of External Logins

    URL Routing

    • Introducing URL Routing
    • Routing Approaches
    • Defining Attribute and Traditional Routes
    • Understanding Route Parameters
    • A Details look at URL Generation
    • Creating and Registering a Simple Route
    • Ambient Route Values
    • Using Static URL Segments
    • Constraining Routes
    • Bypassing the Routing System

    Forms And Helper Methods

    • Using Form Helper Methods
    • The Action and the Methods
    • Using GET or POST Method
    • Using Template Helper Methods
    • Using Model Metadata
    • Making Helpers Do your Bidding Inside HTML Helpers
    • Setting up the Edit Forms
    • Using Strongly Typed Helpers
    • Helpers and Model Metadata
    • Helpers and Model State
    • Html.Hidden
    • Html.Password
    • Html. RadioButton
    • Html.CheckBox
    • Html.DropDownList
    • Html.Partial and Html.RenderPartial
    • Html.Action and Html.RenderAction

    Data Annotations And Validation

    • Using Validation Annotations
    • Custom Error Messages and Localization
    • Using Range validator Attribute
    • Regular Expression validator Attribute
    • Required validator Attribute
    • String Length validator Attribute
    • Custom Validation and Annotation
    • Using display format

    Additional Techniques

    • View scaffold templates
    • Model Validation
    • Global filters
    • Model binding
    • Bundling and Display Modes

    Using Ajax, jQuery with ASP.NET MVC

    • Overview of JQuery
    • Unobtrusive Ajax and the 'this' context
    • Using Ajax action links
    • Using Ajax Helpers
    • Autocomplete with jQuery UI
    • JSON & Client-Side Template
    • Bootstrap Plug-in

    Using the ASP.NET Web API 8 Hrs

    • Overview of the ASP.NET Web API
    • Building servers and clients
    • Adding routes to your web API
    • Incoming Action Parameters
    • Validation
    • Understanding IHttpController
    • Enabling Dependency Injection
    • Session Management in Web API
    • Securing a Web API
    • Single and Multiple Registered Services in API

    Angular 4 10 Hrs

    • Introduction to Angular
    • Angular 4 Architecture
    • Setup installation
    • Building Blocks of Angular2 Application
    • Modules
    • Components input and output properties
    • Templates
    • Views
    • Directives
    • Dependency Injection
    • Implementing Web API service in Angular
    • Validation of Angular Form
    • Single Page Application and Routing
    • Asynchronous Calls
    • Angular router navigate method
    • Internationalization
    • Angular Event Binding
    • Angular component lifecycle hooks

    Technical Design & Development (Project Based) 25 Hrs

    • Working with Project
    • Programming Language: C# (MVC Razor)
    • Designing Tools
    • CSHTML
    • Using CSS
    • Using Ajax
    • Using JavaScript

    WPF 8 Hrs

    • Introduction to WPF
    • Understanding WPF Controls
    • Understanding XAML
    • Creating Custom Controls
    • Using Panels/Layout
      • Introduction to WPF Layout
      • StackPanel
      • Grid Panel
      • Dock Panel
      • Canvas Panel
      • Border
      • Wrap Panel
    • Data Binding
      • Types of Data Binding
      • Debug DataBinding Issues
      • Data Validation Rules
      • Value Converters
      • Data Viewing, Sorting and Filtering
    • Using Triggers
    • Styling
      • Themes
      • Styles
    • 2D & 3D Graphics
      • Draw exactly on physical device pixels
      • Geometry Transformer
      • How to get a Bitmap from a Visual
      • DrawRoundedRectangle
    • Multithreading
    • Working with Slides & Animations