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Explore our range of ERP and CRM based software solutions based on AMBIC (Artificial Intelligence, Mobility, Blockchain, IoT and Cloud) Model, which creates a highly secure platform within which system of records can be freely shared with trusted parties. The products include ERP Software for Schools, Online Examination System, Library Management System, Vendor/Visitor Management System, HR & Payroll Management System, Hotel Management System, E-Stamp Paper Software, Lottery Management Software and many more. These products have centralized business data that allows businesses to gain fuller control of the inner operations of an organization. Blockchain pushes the existing benefits of ERP systems to another level and enables the optimization of all operations through a trusted distributed ledger ensuring tamper – proof and immutable data. The implementation of AMBIC model ensures a firmer security grip in financial transactions of the products where cyber security is inevitable.


Information Technology

Inspiration from the crowd for information technology startup ideas. Inspire, get inspired and start a business with creative people from all over the world.


Electronics Business Ideas listed here, are highly successful and profitable Small & Home Business Opportunities for Electronics Engineers and Professionals

Bio Technology

Biotechnology dispatches molecules and cells to create new products and new ways of manufacturing.Increased food supply, promoting health and environmental protection.

Nano Technology

Nanotechnology is the design, production, and application of structures, devices, and systems by controlled manipulation of size and shape at the nanometer.


Robotics is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering and science that includes mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, computer science, and others.

Non-Conventional Energy

Energy generated by using wind, tides, solar, geothermal heat, and biomass including farm and animal waste as well as human excreta is known as non-conventional energy.

Bio-Medical Equipment and Devices

The integration of medical technologies with hospital information systems is increasing exponentially as medical monitoring, diagnostic, and therapeutic devices.

Agro and Food Processing

The food processing industry has been slated for accelerated growth. It is projected to be a futuristic industry and it is anticipated that.


Business Consulting

To help organizations improve performance and efficiency. We analyze businesses and create solutions while also helping meet the goals.

Start Up Mentors

Startup Mentor is a business consultant company . We Offer business consulting services, Start up Camp for online business, investments ...

Start Up Accelerator

Startup accelerators tend to focus on providing startups with mentorship, advice, and resources to help the startups succeed.

Co-Working Space

We work transforms buildings into beautiful, collaborative workspaces. Get the space, community, and services you need to make a life, not just a living.

Investor Services

We provide investor solutions to global investors. We help clients clear and settle transactions, provide safekeeping for assets, manage collateral and finance investment activities.

Boot Camp

Startupbootcamp is a global network of industry-focused startup accelerators that provides investment and mentorship services.

Digital Marketing & Branding

As qualified & experienced professionals we provide measurable results through brand strategy, creative design and effective advertising.

Company Formation

Company Formation.Start working on your business idea, we will incorporate your company. Clear your all registration doubts with our professionals.

Legal Advisory

Corporate Legal Advisory:We understand our clients' needs and various legal services that may be required under different circumstances.


Organized activity aimed at imparting information and/or instructions to improve the recipient's performance or to help him or her attain a required level of knowledge or skill.

Development and Manufacturing

Start-ups are visionaries and we transform visions into real products. We love working with start-ups and creating the next big thing.


With that in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight ten staffing and recruiting startups that we should all keep an eye on in the ..

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